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Aruba Airport Information

Airline Information
A large variety of airlines connect Aruba's Reina Beatrix Airport to the rest of the world with scheduled and chartered flights. Most airlines have local offices or handling agents. This page contains local contact information and links to the website of most airlines serving our airport.

Live Arrival Times
Meeting or coming round for somebody arriving at our airport today? You can check the actual times of arriving flights on this page.

Live Departure Times
Departing from our airport today? On this page you can find your flight's check-in desk and gate. And ofcourse the actual time your flight leaves.

Travel Advisories
This section contains information on baggage and carry-on regulations. Also tips on how to prepare yourself for your flight and the airport security checks. Our passengers flying towards the USA have to comply with Homeland Security Regulations (TSA). This section also provides links to their website.

The Queen Beatrix International Airport

The project to create a massive, state-of-the-art airport in Aruba was affectionately dubbed "The Beatrix 2000 Project." It was designed to provide facilities that will accommodate passenger processing requirements including U.S. Customs and Immigration pre-clearance facilities, concession facilities, parking and roads and associated utility systems.

The new Queen Beatrix International Airport features the following amenities:

- U.S. bound passenger terminal building with 42 check-in counters and U.S. Customs and Immigration pre-clearance facilities (FIS).
- International (non U.S. - bound) passenger terminal building with 24 check in counters.
- Airline ticket sales offices.
- Three-level concourses with airline operational space and one "remote" holding room at ground level, eight passenger boarding bridges with lounges at the second level and immigration corridor for arriving passengers at the third level.
- Existing terminal building remodeled to form a new arrivals only hall with Aruba immigration and customs, airport administrative offices and external ticket sales offices.
- Flight information display system (FIDS) and terminal signage.
- New and expanded baggage handling systems for both outbound and inbound baggage.
- Water cooling plant housing A/C chillers for entire terminal complex.
- Walkway and garden facilities between the existing and the terminal buildings
- New power house with emergency standby generators.
- New terminal access road and improved bus/taxi parking facilities.
- New automated aircraft parking system.
- New security system
- New fire protection system
- New water tank for portable water and fire fighting and pumping systems
- New sanitary system

Capability of New Terminals

The terminal has been designed for the year 2010's
anticipated requirements.

This caters for:
- Total annual passengers 2, 600,000
- Peak hour arriving passenger 1,260
- Peak hour departing passengers 1,470
- Peak hour U.S. pre-clearance passenger 800
- Peak hour non U.S. passenger 670